Recently established in 2014, but with more than 20 years of experience in the field, WaterMapping provides high-quality geoscience services for private and public sector clients, including North and South America, Europe, and West Africa. WaterMapping provides services in the areas of GIS and remote sensing, deep-water geophysical exploration of energy resources, assessment and monitoring of the coastal and marine environments.


WaterMapping is a group of geoscientists that emphasizes geological exploration and coastal and marine environmental monitoring using state of the art technologies. We use satellite imagery and geophysical data followed by aerial and on-site observations to provide spatial and temporal analysis for coastal monitoring, oil exploration, and oil spills.

Watermapping has served the oil exploration industry with environmental consulting, engineering, and management expertise. We are leading provider of environmental consulting services to multinational agencies.


As an environmental consultant, WaterMapping offers services for collecting samples and data on the coastal and marine fields. With a broad variety of oceanographic and data collection instrumentation, we monitor the environment over time to evaluate impact, hazards, and exposures.

We specialize in undertaking complex, multi-disciplinary environmental projects, often in collaboration with networks of local and technical experts and specialists in particular fields. Our work centers on providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions to our clients’ environmental needs.